why come to founderfest

In just over 48 hours, you will experience all of the fun, challenges and excitement of taking a new idea and building a sustainable business. You won’t be alone, you will find your place within a team, as the HIPSTER, HACKER or HUSTLER…the role that compliments your abilities and values your strengths. With the support of expert mentors and kind sponsors, you and your co-founders will receive coaching, resources and support to get your company started.
The Founderfest community is here to help!

artists; writers; musicians;
photographers; wordsmiths;
designers…they love graphics;
trends; colour; fashion;
art; style and sound.

coders; engineers;
programmers; mechanics;
architects and technicians,
they love making; discovering
and solving problems

salespeople; lawyers;
consultants; marketers;
bankers and advertisers,
they love budgets; rules,
pitching and closing the deal

what founderfest
provides for young entrepreneurs

  • Platform to promote technology across a wide range of industries
  • Workshops to improve capability and capacity
  • Opportunity to build networks and collaborate with other young entrepreneurs
  • Safe environment to test ideas and theories, where failure is allowed
  • Resources and support tools to promote lean startup principles
  • Mentors to help develop scalable, sustainable solutions
  • Sponsors and contacts with access to markets
  • Leadership opportunities during and after the event
  • Focus on developing communication and presentation skills
  • A culture that recognises and promotes success
  • Experiential learning to build confidence
  • An awareness of entrepreneurship as an alternative employment pathway
  • Gateway to the Advance Queensland Young Starters’ competition